Roof Inspections


Thorough Roof Inspections to Catch Roofing Problems Early

When it comes to roofing maintenance, preventing problems is absolutely less expensive than fixing them once they do happen. By the time it’s obvious that you need a professional roofer, extensive damage has usually taken place. Even if the damage looks minor from the surface, there’s typically a horde of problems waiting behind that small leak or cracked flashing.

That’s why Roofworks Roofing & Solar recommends regular roof inspections to identify problems before they cause widespread damage.

Roof Inspections

How Roofing Damage Accumulates

A leak in a shingled roof starts with a breach at the surface. Water gets in the breach and then flows to the lowest point, typically getting through to the next layer of material. Water remains here, consistently coming in every time it rains, until this area gets soggy enough to allow water through to your roof deck.

Finally, the water finds a crack between the roof deck boards and comes through. Only then—after at least two layers of materials have gotten soggy—does the water cause a visible and audible leak. 

By the time this happens, the roof layers have typically been wet for a long time, long enough to cause rot to start. If you ignore it for long enough, the entire roof deck may need replacement.

Could a Repair Fix the Problem?

This is why roofing contractors recommend getting a roof inspection for your home or business on a regular basis. These inspections help catch problems before they become extensive—and costly—to fix.

It can seem surprising when a roofer tells you to fix something while it’s only a patch job worth a couple of hundred dollars instead of waiting until they can do a roof replacement job worth thousands of dollars. But at Roofworks Roofing & Solar, we have our customers’ best interests in mind.

We want to maximize the life of your roof and save you thousands of dollars in the labor and materials it would cost to essentially rebuild your roof from something that could have been prevented with a simple roof inspection.

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