Solar FAQs

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Solar FAQ'S

Below, Roofworks Roofing & Solar answers our most frequently asked questions about solar roofing to help you understand more about generating your property’s own energy.

What is the benefit to going solar?

The biggest benefit besides being environmentaly responsible is you are locking in your power rates! Once you're system is installed, it will generate power for 50+ years! You are protected against inflation and rising power utility costs!

Is solar power clean?

Yes! Solar power greatly reduces the amount of gasses in the atmosphere which create climate change and lessen the air quality.

How do I know what size of a system I need?

To get a basic idea you will look at your past 12 months worth of power bills. You take your total KWH used per month and add them all together. This is your total KWH used in a year! This will determine the size of your array! View this link for help understanding your bill!

Can I sell power back to the utility company?

No, you do not sell power back to the utlity company. However if you are over producing in the summer months you will recieve credits toward your bill which can be used in the winter when sun is low and power consumption is higher! lessoning the financial burden!

Will solar increase my property value?

Studies show it can increase your property value more of a precentage then a kitchen can! However you must own the system! If you are leasing it wont increase the property value as much.

Can I go off grid?

You can have a totally off grid system, however it's much more expensive. Always connect to the grid when available!

Does solar require maintenance?

Solar panels require little to no maintenance for up to 35 years if properly installed. An off-grid system can require some maintenance, depending on what batteries you choose to store your surplus energy.

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