Roof Repair


Comprehensive Roof Repair Services

At Roofworks Roofing & Solar, we stand by the excellence of our work and offer seamless professional roof repairs. Our experts can confidently diagnose the problem on your roof and repair even the most complex roofing issues. Whether you’re in need of some small fixes or are interested in a job requiring more large-scale resources, our contractors are up to the task.

Your roof may benefit more from a replacement than a repair if the damage is widespread, and you can trust our roofers to let you know if this is the case. We always offer honest, thorough estimates so you can make the right decision for your roof repair needs.

Roof Repair

Signs You May Need to Repair Your Roof

Roofs that benefit the most from roof repairs are those that have localized damage to one area. If the damage encompasses most of the roof, it’ll likely be more economical for you to replace your roofing system than patch up an entire surface.

Signs you may need a roof repair include:

  • Damaged shingles, including those that are cracked, curled or missing

  • Flashing deterioration around chimneys & vents

  • Interior moisture damage, including in your attic or on walls & ceilings

  • Unexplained high energy bills, which could signal that your roof is no longer properly insulating your home

  • A sagging roof deck or visibly impacted roof structure

Roofworks Roofing & Solar can thoroughly inspect your roof for signs of damage and let you know if a roof repair is needed to restore your system. We use thermal imaging technology to identify compromised areas of your roof and get to the root of the problem. We repair asphalt, metal and flat roofs.

Always Offering Free Quotes!

We always offer free quotes for residential or commercial roof repair needs in Atlantic Canada. Contact Roofworks Roofing & Solar today to schedule your next estimate with us—call us at (844) 739-0208 or complete our contact form online to get in touch!