Off-Grid Solar


Off-Grid Solar System Installation in Atlantic Canada

Considering an off-grid solar system? An off-grid system allows you to be entirely independent from your local grid by operating solely off the power your home or business generates from solar panels. Going off-grid means you will need to have some type of battery storage system to store excess power so that you can use it when your panels aren’t generating energy, such as at night or on cloudy days.

Roofworks Roofing & Solar is your trusted local roofing contractor in Halifax. Since 2000, we’ve helped property owners take advantage of solar roofing panels to improve energy efficiency, enjoy cost savings and be independent from the grid!

Solar System

Benefits of Going Off the Grid

Investing in an off-grid solar system for your property offers many benefits. Although it can feel intimidating to be completely self-reliant on the energy your panels harness, you can see such benefits as:

  • Being unaffected by grid power outages, which often occur without warning. Instead, you’ll have stored energy to sustain you from your panels and backup battery storage.

  • No more paying monthly energy bills to a utility company. Your solar system will generate the energy you use.

  • Enjoying the freedom to live virtually anywhere and produce your own power instead of paying to connect to your local grid.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and your reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

Not sure if an off-grid system is the right choice for your particular needs? Roofworks Roofing & Solar can walk you through our solar options to help you decide on the best setup for your property.

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