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Grid-Tie Solar Solutions by Solar Roofing Contractors

Roofworks Roofing & Solar offers both grid-tie and off-grid solar solutions for your roof. Grid-tie solar means your roof’s solar panels will be linked to your utility grid. If your solar panels produce too much power, the excess energy goes back into the grid, allowing you to utilize your local grid as a battery and even get credit for excess energy that your property generates.

There are distinct benefits of choosing a grid-tie system, as opposed to off-grid. You won’t have to install a battery to store excess energy, and you also have the assurance that you will always have power even if your solar panels aren’t producing energy, unless the grid goes down.

Our solar roofing contractors can help you decide if grid-tie solar is the right choice for your home or office space.

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When Is Grid-Tie Solar the Right Choice?

Grid-tie solar is the most popular type of solar for homeowners and business owners. A grid-tie system may be the best option if you:

  • You don’t want the added expense or installation costs of installing a battery storage system at your home or business for excess power.

  • You want the most affordable solar system and the fastest return on your investment due to being able to return surplus power to the grid.

  • You are concerned about not having enough power or having a backup source of power for your property, making the grid a safety net for your energy usage.

One of the only cons of a grid-tie solar system is that if the grid is down, you will still be out of power, even if your solar panels are generating energy.

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