VELUX Sklylights

Now more than ever, we're spending more and more time indoors, away from nature, under artificial humming lights and glued to large TVs and electronics. 


This all negatively impacts our health and well-being, we feel tired, more prone to Asthma and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

We need to let nature back in! Bring fresh air and daylight back into your life with a new VELUX skylight or Sun Tunnel!

Today's skylights not only allow for daylight but can also bring fresh air into your home, creating a comfortable and healthier home. With the VELUX Solar Powered Skylight and integrated rain sensor, you can air out your home releasing odours, VOG's, and hot stale air through the skylight with the simple touch of a button.  Feel the fresh breeze sweep through your home, cooling it down, making it more comfortable for your family. 


Now add a Solar-powered blind, you not only enhance the energy performance, but you also have the ultimate light control creating the ideal environment.  

With VELUX ACTIVE smart home technology, your skylights do all of the work! They can be programmed to work with your home assistant and set to your parameters. The system will alert you when it senses poor air indoor quality and you can choose to open your skylight.  Solar-powered blinds will operate proactively as the system is connected to local weather networks to create the ideal environment.  You don't even have to think about it!

Secure your home and family's well-being, with the power of daylight and fresh air. 


We're HALIFAX's #1 VELUX Skylights & Sun Tunnel Certified Installer.

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