Solar Panel Maintenance Keeps the Power Coming

Like anything else that is built to perform a task, solar panels need regular maintenance in order to keep working well. This can range from simple cleaning to the replacement of corroded components. As long as it is all done on a timely basis, though, the reward is continued power from the sun.

One of the most important aspects of solar panel maintenance is cleaning. In order for the panels to work, they have to be able to get as much sun as possible. They won't be able to do this if a layer of dust, grime, or bird droppings is in between the sun and the photovoltaic cells under the glass! Therefore, this simple task must be done regularly.

There's just one catch to the cleaning aspect, and that is that the panels are usually mounted up on the roof. For this reason, many panel owners hire companies to go up and take care of the work. Hiring someone reduces risk, so if you're not already used to going up on rooftops, it's likely your best option.

Solar panel repair is needed less often, but when it is, it will usually make the difference between whether or not you get any power. Due to their exposed locations, connectors and other components can eventually corrode and fail. Wires may also be chewed by squirrels or other animals. In these cases, professional repair gets your solar panels back in business the fastest.

If your solar panels have been sluggish, it's a good sign that cleaning is needed. Meanwhile, no power at all signals a need for solar panel repair. In either case, call the pros to get the work done safely and get your power generation back up to its peak.