Roofers Near Me: How do Commercial and Residential Roofing Differ?

It is common to see roofers advertise commercial and residential services as if they are different from each other. This leads to the question of just what is different about these two types. It turns out that there isn't always a difference! However, when there is, it can be significant. By advertising commercial roofing as a separate service, roofing companies let people know that they can handle the differences when they do arise.

Residential roofing commonly shares a few characteristics. It typically involves pitched roofs, and often, it is made from shingles or cedar shakes. Some of it is made of metal, but residential metal roofs are usually made to look better than commercial ones.

Commercial roofing, on the other hand, is often flat. The roofs may also have things mounted to them, like air conditioning units, that you would rarely see on the roof of a single-family home. When a commercial roof is pitched and covered with metal, it tends to use a basic corrugated kind that is very utilitarian in appearance.

These varying arrangements present unique challenges that don't automatically transfer from one to another. Therefore, a roofer needs experience with both types in order to do them both well. Those that do not have this experience will usually advertise that they do only one of the types.

Some commercial roofing, however, is actually the same as residential roofing. This is common in areas where businesses try to look like large versions of the homes in the area. It is a common architectural feature for restaurants, care homes, and similar types of enterprises. These businesses may actually be better off hiring a residential roofing company because of their buildings' pitched roofs and shingles.

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